Mind your ADA P’s and Q’s

The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, covers methods you can use to make a website more accessible to users. Contact DLS Design for more information.

The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, covers a multiplicity of things in the brick and mortar world, such as unobstructed access to buildings and offices, which need to be reachable and usable by all people, whatever their degree of ability or limitation. Here on the Internet, websites also need to be usable for people … Read more

Is Your WordPress Website a Plugins Jungle?

DLS Design can assist you with controlling your jungle of WordPress plugins.

Too many plugins make your website harder to manage, can slow down your website, and can create conflicts and security risks. WordPress is offered to the public for free, and it lets anyone, from a beginner, to an experienced developer, create a good website. As a product, it’s offered “as is”, and contains a number … Read more