David Schiffer speaks on ADA panel (Zoomed, of course)

On March 23, 2021, I was an invited speaker on a Zoom call sponsored by the Media Law Research Center (MLRC).

The topic was “Website and Other Media Design to Comply With the ADA and Other Laws and Regulations”.

I spoke about the brass tacks of ADA integration in web design — how we look for deficiencies such as color contrast and navigation barriers — and then how we go about remediating a website. Over the past year we have revamped a number websites which for varying reasons did not pass certain tests of accessibility. We have also built a number of new websites, and of course these incorporate ADA-compliant formats when we create them.

First to present was Donna Danielewski of the National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH, who gave a general review of accessibility, and what is happening in business and regulations.

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