Website Design

Over the past 25 years, DLS Design has created top-quality websites for a number of the leading white collar and criminal defense law firms in New York City, Washington D.C., Florida and the Northeast. As such, many of our clients' firms were started by former United States Attorneys and District Attorneys from all over the country.

We also service a number of transactional firms handling real estate, eminent domain, employment and matrimonial law, entertainment law, trusts and estates, plaintiffs' and class-action matters, insurance defense, immigration and intellectual property.

With this breadth of experience, we understand what works for different categories of practice, and can deliver the best site for each type of client. Below is a selection of our work. For more examples, or to obtain references, please email us or send an inquiry on our response form.

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Grossberg Yochelson Fox & Beyda website, designed by DLS Design

Grossberg Yochelson Fox & Beyda

DLS has completed the new version of Grossberg Yochelson Fox & Beyda’s website. We had designed the prior site in 2016. The firm has about 15 attorneys and focuses on real estate in the Washington DC area. Now past its 90th anniversary, we designed a decorative badge to note the milestone. Following the client’s wishes … Read more

Dunning Rievman & MacDonald website designed by DLS Design

Dunning Rievman & MacDonald

Dunning Rievman & MacDonald retained DLS to create the third in a series of websites needed as the firm evolved, this time by adding new partners when merging with another. With each new version, we enhanced certain functions, for instance a more robust news section featuring different types of pages, search function, and push of … Read more

Law Offices of Jonathan Perez website, designed by DLS Design

Law Offices of Jonathan Perez

Jonathan Perez is a criminal attorney practicing in New York City. DLS recently completed his firm’s website. The immediacy and high quality of Jonathan’s portrait photo essentially allowed the homepage to design itself. If you are planning a website for your practice, consider allowing time and a budget for good photography. DLS Design will take … Read more

Law Offices of John M. Fitzgibbons website, designed by DLS Design

John M. Fitzgibbons

DLS Design’s new website for John Fitzgibbons, a criminal defender in Tampa, Florida, has a stable, comfortable feeling, probably owing to the warm colors and furnishings in this homepage photo, depicting the firm’s office. Read in detail and you’ll learn the firm takes on high-stakes criminal matters and investigations. We used plain white pages and … Read more

Law Offices of Michael D. Uysal website designed by DLS Design.

Law Offices of Michael D. Uysal

This boutique law firm focuses on workers’ comp and social security disability cases. The website is designed for two audiences: clients and referring law firms. DLS Design created the entirely new site, keeping only the firm’s old logo and red/blue accents. Light, crisp, colorful and simple. The firm’s location in the Inwood section of New … Read more

The Blog About NYDFS website designed by DLS Design.

The Blog About NYDFS

DLS Design created this blog covering developments at the New York State Department of Financial Services. It is written by an attorney with prior ties to the agency and not NYDFS itself. We imported close to a hundred articles and related content, formatting it in a clear, punchy, readable style. Tools enable search, sort, viewing … Read more

CaneLaw website designed by DLS Design

CaneLaw LLP

Peter Cane is a litigator representing clients in creative fields, entrepreneurs, large investors and high-profile public companies – or sometimes opposing them. DLS Design worked through several iterations and sets of images to pare away distracting ornamentation, leading to a hard-hitting black and white statement.

Ruel Ruel Burns Britt & Feldman website designed by DLS Design

Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt

DLS Design created the website for Ruel Ruel Burns Feldman & Britt, a Hartford, Connecticut firm with a dual focus on matrimonial and criminal law. We decided a metaphoric approach would convey the fraught nature of these practice areas, and overlayed opening statements in front of video of waves hitting a rocky shore. The firm’s … Read more

Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw website designed by DLS Design

Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw

Spinning off from a prominent, old-line firm in New York, Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw sought distinctive branding, with their website as the first step. Within a few weeks, DLS Design created the new litigation boutique’s logo, then launched the full website in just 60 days. We created email blasts marking the firm’s opening and … Read more

Weiner Millo Morgan & Bonanno website designed by DLS Design

Weiner Millo Morgan & Bonanno

DLS Design completed the site for Weiner Millo Morgan & Bonanno, a general business and litigation boutique. The site is a nice reset for the firm, graphically and operationally. Of the designs we proposed, the firm picked this one with warmer colors, aggressive typography and a homepage slideshow; they report much greater ease of use … Read more

Trachtenberg & Arena homepage. DLS Design created the website along with the firm's logo.

Trachtenberg & Arena

Trachtenberg & Arena is a New York litigation boutique spun out from another local firm. When designing the firm’s website, DLS Design used a narrow, almost chromatic approach to the color scheme. We employed several design motifs including blue-on-blue scenic photos of recognizable buildings in New York City, T-shaped accents below headlines and white pinstripes … Read more

Faber Eubanks website designed by DLS Design

Faber Eubanks LLC

DLS Design completed the website for Faber Eubanks, a Long Island boutique firm handling employment and executive compensation. This is the third website we have designed for the firm. Readers of this website will notice we say this often. Many of the clients here are on their second and even third designs by DLS. We’re … Read more

Peter G. Goodman website designed by DLS Design

Peter G. Goodman, PLLC

DLS Design welcomed the return of the Law Office of Peter G. Goodman after being served by one of the big-name law firm marketers. We restored a sharper, more customized design, and rewrote the firm’s selling proposition in more direct language. Meeting an eight-week deadline, we pared away redundant content, incorporated professional portrait photography and … Read more

Neufeld O'Leary & Giusto website designed by DLS Design

Neufeld O’Leary & Giusto

DLS Design created this colorful, content-rich site for Neufeld O’Leary & Giusto. We replaced a previous site, updating an old logo and implementing a completely new design and WordPress build in 60 days, after we reached out to the firm through another client. Over five years of blog posts were imported seamlessly, along with associated … Read more

Kristine Sova legal website designed by DLS Design

Law Office of Kristine A. Sova

DLS Design created the new website for Kristine Sova, an employment lawyer in New York and New Jersey who focuses on employment law compliance and agreements. Central to this project was moving over more than five years of blog entries from Kristine’s previous website. WordPress handled this seamlessly, retaining all the content, categories, dates and … Read more

Paul Lange & Associates website designed by DLS Design

Law Offices of Paul A. Lange LLC

This is our third website for Connecticut aviation boutique Paul A. Lange. In this version, DLS Design steps up the variety of content types the firm can publish and archive. Deep, rich blues, and images of aircraft and dramatic skies were used for backdrops. We authored the firm’s tagline, and used line-work showing a segment … Read more

Ain & Bank website designed by DLS Design

Ain & Bank

Ain & Bank is a boutique matrimonial law firm operating in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. When designing this website, DLS Design also wrote and developed the site’s theme, “Getting from A to B”, meant to reference the way the firm analyzes and moves through a case, and also flagging the firm’s initials, A and … Read more

Kline McAteer website designed by DLS Design

Kline McAteer PLLC

DLS Design created the website for Kline McAteer, a boutique law firm in Tampa, handling estate planning and related matters. We think this website hits a sweet spot for a small firm. Colorful but corporate, personal but expansive enough to describe practice areas in depth, the site also includes video, supplied by the client. DLS … Read more

Marc Agnifilo website designed by DLS Design

Marc Agnifilo

Marc Agnifilo has handled some of the most complicated and controversial cases of the day. Open almost any newspaper, and you can read about trials involving Marc’s clients. DLS experimented with different designs when we designed Marc’s website, but our path became clear once we received this singular portrait from photographer Alan Radom.