Additional Design Services for Law Firms

DLS Design regularly assists our clients, especially newly-launched firms, with a variety of additional design services to supplement their branding and website. Websites may get all the glory, but a lot of the brass-tacks, day-to-day hard work of getting your brand out is performed by the pieces below, and we can create these for you.

Email Signatures

Email is the baseline communication medium of the business world, and many firms want their branding in evidence on every message that goes out. DLS formats your logo, with or without contact information, on png, gif or jpg images, to be applied in your signature.

Business Cards

Behold the humble business card. To the extent they are still used, DLS can apply your branding to standard-size cards, with beautiful and legible results. In a crowded restaurant… in a momentary encounter on the elevator… or any place where digital communications are impractical, this modest asset can be your best foot forward. Contact DLS Design to design yours.


DLS assists clients with all manner of emailers, frequently creating them to announce the opening of a new firm, or any other message.

We can work with the leading email vendors such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, walking you through which plan works best for your firm; uploading your contacts and organizing them into the needed lists; designing the graphics and formatting; testing the emailer; scheduling blasts to go out; and conducting reviews of an emailer’s performance (number of opens, bounces and unsubscribes). After launch, we can create a template for future announcements such as personnel changes or firm honors; holiday emailers; and “client alerts,” informing your audience of legal developments, new laws, etc.


DLS Design has created ads used in print or electronic media for a number of law firms. Many of these ads are in support of firms at awards ceremonies (honoring themselves or others), industry lunches or dinners; or in publications such as Best Lawyers types of supplements.

PowerPoint Presentations

On pitches and presentations, a slide deck can focus your audience – even an audience of one when you have the attention of a CEO. DLS can create templates for PowerPoint® and similar presentations using elements of your branding: logo, color and layout.

Social Media Graphics

DLS designs and prepares files that your firm can use on platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Many of our clients treat these platforms as their secondary website, knowing their firm profile is likely to be viewed as people search and compare firms. We supply the file in the format and dimensions specified by each platform, and the client can upload these easily.

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