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DLS Design created the new website for litigation boutique Miedel & Mysliwiec this winter, replacing an obsolete version by one of the legal industry’s old-line vendors. We authored a new tagline, stripped away layers of superfluous “search engine-speak”, struck up a bold new logo, and greatly simplified page structures and navigation. The color scheme of dark red, charcoal, black and white is, we think, bold and uncompromising.

The new site gives more prominence to a video library the firm values highly, and we assisted in the creation of a firm YouTube channel. When displayed on the site, the new design significantly increases the display size of the videos.

When taking over the design of a website that existed for a long time, DLS will always use a set of methods to speed the replacement of prior pages with new ones in search engines. This includes re-directs of old urls to current ones, and the submission of xml sitemaps to Google. The benefit to the client: no broken links will appear in searches.

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