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Miedel & Mysliwiec Logo

DLS was referred to litigation boutique Miedel & Mysliwiec by an existing client, and we designed their website this winter. As with the firm’s new website, in designing the accompanying logo we avoided ornamentation and kept to a simple pairing of colors – dark red and black – with each M using the opposite M’s color for an underline. This is true for multiple versions of the logo depending on the background color. The logo font is Libre Caslon, a modern font similar to Bodoni and Didot.

In conjunction with the logo, DLS also authored a new tagline for the firm, It Matters. This phrase allowed us to keep the letter M, a nice tie-in. DLS is happy to accept assignments where we develop taglines, slogans and thematic writing in general. See our page on this firm, where we developed a tagline that unfolds in real time in a video.