DLS Design Wins a 2023 GDUSA Graphic Design Award

DLS Design winning piece at the Graphic Deign USA Awards

We’re proud to announce that DLS Design has won an award in GDUSA’s 60th anniversary American Graphic Design Awards™ for the website of law firm Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw. Among the many projects we do, we knew that our output on this project was special, and we were pleased that peers recognized this as … Read more

WWW and Order: Prosecutors Forming Law Firms (And Needing Websites)

www & order

In the criminal justice system, websites will be needed by district attorneys who leave their jobs to start law firms. These are their stories. Every year, scores of lawyers working in public service make the decision to leave the government and set up private practices. Former prosecutors – AUSAs and ADAs among them – as … Read more

Is Your Firm’s Website a Victim of the Chinese Search Results Hack?

Chinese characters appearing on a law firm's Google search results.

In the past several months we’ve observed several incidences of hacked websites. These are incursions by some malevolent actor who has added bad code to the sites, designed to boost search results for offshore companies selling merchandise that has nothing to do with the site’s owner. The merchandise might be legitimate or fradulent, but the … Read more