WWW and Order: Prosecutors Forming Law Firms (And Needing Websites)

www & order

In the criminal justice system, websites will be needed by district attorneys who leave their jobs to start law firms. These are their stories. Every year, scores of lawyers working in public service make the decision to leave the government and set up private practices. Former prosecutors – AUSAs and ADAs among them – as … Read more

Mind your ADA P’s and Q’s

The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, covers methods you can use to make a website more accessible to users. Contact DLS Design for more information.

The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, covers a multiplicity of things in the brick and mortar world, such as unobstructed access to buildings and offices, which need to be reachable and usable by all people, whatever their degree of ability or limitation. Here on the Internet, websites also need to be usable for people … Read more