Websites by DLS Design

DLS Design creates vibrant websites which become the centerpieces of our clients' branding. We design striking, classic and clear web pages. And, we originate our websites' thematic direction and craft language to express it.

DLS builds exclusively on the WordPress platform, and we have a decade of demonstrated mastery of design customization. All websites are secure, using SSL certificates, tested for ADA compliance and mobile responsiveness, and are search-engine optimized. We continually monitor all websites, and the servers and firewalls on which they run; back up using redundant schedules and locations; act upon safety alerts from the major WordPress security applications; and apply updates to plugins and themes as soon as they become available, and verified to be safe.  Read more >

Faber Eubanks LLC

Faber Eubanks website designed by DLS Design

DLS Design recently completed the new website for Faber Eubanks, a Long Island boutique firm handling employment and executive compensation. This is the third website we have designed for the firm. Readers of this website will notice we say this often. Many of the clients here are on their second and even third designs by … Read more

Peter G. Goodman, PLLC

DLS Design welcomed the return of the Law Office of Peter G. Goodman after being served by one of the big-name law firm marketers. We restored a sharper, more customized design, and rewrote the firm’s selling proposition in more direct language. Meeting an eight-week deadline, we pared away redundant content, incorporated professional portrait photography and … Read more

Neufeld O’Leary & Giusto

Neufeld O'Leary & Giusto website designed by DLS Design

DLS Design created this colorful, content-rich site for Neufeld O’Leary & Giusto. We replaced a previous site, updating an old logo and implementing a completely new design and WordPress build in 60 days, after we reached out to the firm through another client. Over five years of blog posts were imported seamlessly, along with associated … Read more

Wright & O’Donnell

Wright & O'Donnell website by DLS Design

One of many regional law firms we handle at DLS Design, Wright & O’Donnell, near Philadelphia, has been a client for over 10 years. We started with a simple “html website”, and recently created this new one on WordPress. The firm handles insurance matters, on the defense side. The opening video is a composite of … Read more

Vrountas Ayer & Chandler

Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler website designed by DLS Design

DLS Design was introduced to Vrountas, Ayer & Chandler by another client. We proceeded to design their website and rebuild it from scratch, taking care to carry over important elements of their original branding, including their logo, a palette of varying shades of purple, and triangular elements. We made the screen larger, updated the font … Read more

Resolution Capitol Management

Resolution Capitol Management website by DLS Design

DLS completed this website for Resolution Capitol Management, recently formed despite challenging events in Washington D.C. The firm specializes in commercial property management and other real estate advisory services. Resolution is centered in D.C. – hence, the spelling of Capitol with an “o” is intentional. And so is the color palette we chose: red, white … Read more

The Hoffinger Firm

The Hoffinger Firm website designed by DLS Design

Great working with our longstanding client, New York criminal litigation boutique The Hoffinger Firm, to create the firm’s new website. The site opens with a nice punch furnished by this spontaneous, in-office photo of partners Susan Hoffinger and Fran Hoffinger. Despite COVID, DLS Design was able to design and implement the full site in a … Read more

Law Offices of Susan Busby

Law Offices of Susan Busby, website designed by DLS Design

Susan Busby was already a decade-long client of DLS Design, when she asked us to rebuild her website. The prior site was made up of stand-alone html pages, and was kept for many years on the strength of its design. But over time, it became a priority to have a platform where the site owner … Read more

Clayman & Rosenberg

Clayman & Rosenberg website designed by DLS Design, New York

In 2020, DLS Design completed a new website for Clayman & Rosenberg, a New York criminal defense firm known for a number of high-profile cases involving prominent figures in politics, business and entertainment accused of very serious crimes. We designed the firm’s initial site and branding years ago, and were delighted by their return as … Read more

Goldstein Rikon Rikon & Houghton P.C.

Website of Goldstein Rikon Rikon & Houghton by

This is the fourth website DLS Designed for venerable New York law firm Goldstein Rikon Rikon & Houghton, which has been handling eminent domain cases for nearly a century. The firm’s relationship with DLS Design is pretty long, too, having worked together since 2002. Our first sites were built in a simple format where each … Read more

Law Office of Kristine A. Sova

Kristine Sova law firm website designed by DLS Design

DLS Design created the new website for Kristine Sova, an employment lawyer in New York and New Jersey who focuses on employment law compliance and agreements. Central to this project was moving over more than five years of blog entries from Kristine’s previous website. WordPress handled this seamlessly, retaining all the content, categories, dates and … Read more

Law Offices of Paul A. Lange LLC

Law Offices of Paul A. Lange LLC

This is our third website for Connecticut aviation boutique Paul A. Lange. In this version, DLS Design steps up the variety of content types the firm can publish and archive. Deep, rich blues, and images of aircraft and dramatic skies were used for backdrops. We authored the firm’s tagline, and used line-work showing a segment … Read more

Robbins Russell

Robbins Russell homepage

This is the second website DLS Design created for Robbins Russell, a nationally prominent firm which has about 35 attorneys. Formally known as Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck & Untereiner, the firm, in Washington, DC, concentrates heavily on appeals, as well as trials, often in front of the US Supreme Court. The site has deep customization … Read more

Ain & Bank

Ain & Bank, law firm website by DLS Design

Ain & Bank is a boutique matrimonial law firm operating in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. When designing this website, DLS Design also wrote and developed the site’s theme, “Getting from A to B”, meant to reference the way the firm analyzes and moves through a case, and also flagging the firm’s initials, A and … Read more

Rutgers Law School Center for Immigration

Rutgers Law School Center for Immigration website by DLS Design

DLS Design designed and implemented this dynamic website for Rutgers Law School’s Center for Immigration Law, Policy and Justice (CILPJ). The Center explores immigration and citizenship in the US. We created a number of interactive sections where faculty and student-fellows can write and post multimedia content. The organization can post news content as it happens … Read more

Robert Kline Law

Robert Kline Law website

We think this website, for Robert Kline, a trusts and estates attorney in Tampa, Florida, hits a sweet spot for a small firm. Colorful but corporate, personal but expansive enough to describe his practice areas in depth, the site also includes video, supplied by the client. DLS has a cluster of law firm clients in … Read more

Shapiro Arato Bach

Shapiro Arato Bach law firm website designed by DLS Design

DLS Design updated the website for the firm now called Shapiro Arato Bach. This is our third version since 2009, when the firm came together with litigators arriving from national firms and prosecutors’ offices. In 2014 we ported the firm’s website to WordPress, giving them a news-publishing platform that would keep pace with the number … Read more

Marc Agnifilo

Marc Afnifilo website

Marc Agnifilo has handled some of the most complicated and controversial cases of the day. Open almost any newspaper, and you can read about trials involving Marc’s clients. DLS experimented with different designs when we designed Marc’s website, but our path became clear once we received this singular portrait from photographer Alan Radom.

Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman

Website of Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman by

Dense and comprehensive, this website by DLS Design for New York intellectual property firm Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman is used to publish and manage a steady stream of news about and writing by its intellectual property attorneys. The firm’s attorneys speak and write frequently on IP matters as traditional as clothing, and as new as … Read more

Grossberg Yochelson Fox & Beyda LLP

Grossberg Yochelson Fox & Beyda LLP

One of Washington DC’s oldest firms wanted a website that didn’t look old. DLS created this clean, modern site for the firm, Grossberg, Yochelson, Fox & Beyda. The site uses a lot of white space, without looking bare or stark. The website, combined with our work creating the firm’s logo, won a 2016 Silver Summit Award … Read more

Mount Airy School

Mount Airy School website by DLS Design

Kid-places should be delightful, and DLS Design made sure our website for Mount Airy Nursery School was too. The school can edit the site at any time, updating the calendar, general text, and a scrolling alert box ideal for those snow days.

Law Office of Kevin Mintzer

Law Office of Kevin Mintzer, designed by DLS Design, New York

Attorney Kevin Mintzer handles high-profile employment cases, and DLS has worked with him for a number of years. We redesigned his website, replacing a somewhat cloistered image with a modern look featuring clean typography, generously-scaled news blurbs, mobile responsiveness for phones and tablets, and a direct style. The client now has tools publish news or … Read more