Will we be able to edit our website?

Yes. When DLS Design completes your website, you will be able to create pages, type or paste in content, and publish them at once, or save them as a draft to publish later. When a page is no longer needed, you can simply trash it. You’ll have your own password, and be able to log in from any browser.

Once you are “inside” your site, you’ll see lists of pages. Sometimes there are several types of pages. So a law firm, for example, might have Bios, Practices and Results. Almost every site will have a Homepage, and a Contact page. You’ll be able to edit those too.

You’ll find the tools for working on your site are very familiar — looking much like the toolbar on any word processing application. You’ll see a big link to upload photos, and another link to put one onto your pages.

What else would you like to know about editing your own website?

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