Our website says Not Secure. What does that mean, and can you fix it?

Yes, we can. This message appears when someone is using the Chrome browser and your site does not have an SSL certificate. In this situation, the pages people are reading are unprotected, and can be viewed, or even modified, by hackers. Other browsers have their own way of warning a viewer that a site is not secure.

The fix is to install an SSL certificate, an inexpensive digital product available from companies such as GoDaddy and Network Solutions. Your web designer or hosting company can apply one to your site. Once this is done, the data transmitted when someone is viewing your website is encrypted, making it harder to steal. This was originally recommended for sites selling products, to protect credit card information. It is now recommended for all websites, whatever their content. If you log on to your website using WordPress, an SSL will further protect your password from view.

An SSL certificate performs a second important function, confirming the site owner’s identity. To obtain an SSL, a form must be filled out by an authoritative representative of the domain, usually the company itself, or the vendor managing the website. A confirmation process takes place, to verify specifics such as your business name, location and department.

Once installed, users will see pages preceded by https, and a lock icon. A visitor can click the lock icon to view details about the certificate, including the identity of the site owner.

DLS Design installs an SSL certificate on every site we design or host.

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