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Goldstein Rikon Rikon & Levi, P.C.

This is the fourth website DLS Designed for venerable New York law firm, now known as Goldstein Rikon Rikon & Levi. The firm has been handling eminent domain cases for nearly a century. Their relationship with DLS Design is pretty long, too, having worked together since 2002. Our first sites were built in a simple format where each page stands alone and editing requires special tools. Since 2015, we’ve moved GRRL to WordPress, enabling the firm to edit directly, logging in through a browser. And publish they do, with hundreds of publications. Authoritative blog posts published on a separate site link on the homepage here.

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Goldstein Rikon Rikon & Levi, P.C.  |  New York City  |  01/15/2020  |  See Website