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Suddenly, your website is dangerous.

Websites that purchased “SSL Certificates” from GoDaddy and several other vendors may have been in for a rude surprise over the last week: a sudden warning that their website was unsafe, or trying to “steal your personal or financial information”!

It turns out this was almost certainly the result of poor coordination between GoDaddy and Apple. Apparently, when the Certificates were sold, they did not properly account for certain changes to Apple’s operating systems that were slated to come about later in the year. Apple decreed that Certificates have certain data in order for them to continue to be “trusted on Apple platforms.” The deficient Certificates were sold between April 21 and 27, the systems were macOS 11.4 and iOS 14.6. Read more on the problem here, and here.

Affected websites worked normally until early this month, when suddenly the warnings were triggered. We discovered the error on sites whose Certificates were purchased during the range of dates that was reported.

Upon discovering the problem, GoDaddy is advising customers to re-key any affected Certificates, and this generally solves the problem: repaired websites no longer carry the warning. If you are experiencing this, or other problems with your website, feel free to contact us.