More on Websites by DLS Design

DLS Design creates vibrant websites which become the centerpieces of our clients’ branding. We design striking, classic and clear web pages. And, we originate our websites’ thematic direction and craft language to express it.

DLS builds exclusively on the WordPress platform, and we have a decade of demonstrated mastery of design customization. All websites are secure, using SSL certificates, tested for ADA compliance and mobile responsiveness, and are search-engine optimized. We continually monitor all websites, and the servers and firewalls on which they run; back up using redundant schedules and locations; act upon safety alerts from the major WordPress security applications; and apply updates to plugins and themes as soon as they become available, and verified to be safe.

If you are considering a new website, contact us now. We excel in explaining, and then executing, complex design projects to entrepreneurs such as attorneys opening a new law firm, or an established organization needing a new website. We work confidentially to create a world-class website and branding under a tight deadline.

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