Logos by DLS Design

DLS Design has consistently created logos for businesses and organizations in many fields, with an emphasis on law firms, financial services and nonprofits. As you can probably see, we enjoy our work! But bringing forth the symbol that nails your business is serious, and we welcome hearing about your assignment.

Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw

Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw logo designed by DLS Design

DLS Design is frequently called on by litigation boutiques who are starting up or rebranding. For Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw, this logo was an outgrowth of the design we did for the firm’s website. We think it communicates diversity, freshness and directness, without much strain or fuss. We produced stationery and electronic assets such … Read more

Law Office of Kevin Mintzer

Law Office of Kevin Mintzer logo by DLS Design

A long-time DLS Design client, the Law Office of Kevin Mintzer expanded its portfolio of marketing assets when it commissioned this new logo. Keeping with the simplicity of the website we designed for this firm a few years ago, the logo is made from the spaces within the letters. We skipped secondary colors, going for … Read more

Ross Law Group

When DLS Design created the logo for Ross Law Group PLLC, we started with traditional letterforms, but playfully manipulated the interior and exterior spaces of the letters using outlines.


Balansett logo

Balansett was a consultancy that helped businesses bring their workspace into alignment with their mission and brand. From their mission statement: “We focus on helping organizations realize the full potential that their space has in influencing human performance, leadership, and team effectiveness.” In another example of how we manipulate lettering to achieve an interesting effect, … Read more

Shapiro Arato Bach

Shapiro Arato Bach logo

DLS has worked with the litigation law firm now known as Shapiro Arato Bach as they reach their 10-year anniversary, and previously, through several partnership changes that updated the name. The current logo is an outgrowth of our 2015 work, which featured two facing initials. Our challenge was to keep the graceful flow of the … Read more

Grossberg, Yochelson, Fox, & Beyda, LLP

Grossberg Yochelson Fox & Beyda logo

As any visitor to Washington D.C. knows, the street grid is full of interesting angles. Grossberg, Yochelson, Fox & Beyda, a commercial real estate law firm, is deeply connected to what happens on those streets. DLS designed a logo that makes visual reference to the grid. The logo won a Silver Summit Award, as part … Read more

Wilkes Artis

Wilkes Artis logo designed by DLS Design

DLS created a simple logo for Wilkes Artis, a Washington DC law firm. In certain environments, a version including the full firm name is used. Our complete set of deliverables included the firm’s website, stationery, institutional advertising, and a brochure.

Krutoy Law, P.C.

Logo for Krutoy Law, P.C. designed by dlsdesign.com

Before forming Krutoy Law, P.C. Evan Krutoy served as a prosecutor at the Manhattan DA’s Office. DLS Design created a logo that interprets the founder’s initials. The firm handles sexual harassment, Title IX matters, employment and general litigation. Following its introduction, and the completion of the firm’s website, we received this much appreciated testimonial by … Read more

KIK Investments

Logo for KIK Investments, designed by dlsdesign.com

DLS Design prepared a series of simple, geometric concepts for real estate investment firm KIK Investments. The minimalist image you see here was one of two semi-finalists we then presented in various contexts, web and print. Orange and blue are the anchor colors, with a mild gray used when a third color is called for, … Read more

Zuckert Scoutt Rasenberger

Zuckert Scoutt Rasenbarg logo by DLS Design

Zuckert Scoutt Rasenberger was a Washington D.C. law firm whose practice centered on aviation law. The firm was merged with another firm. DLS Design created a symbol evocative of flight, to represent the Z in the firm’s name. The logo was a winner at the 2014 American Graphic Design Awards. Said the client, “DLS … … Read more

1875 Capital

DLS Designed created the logo for 1875 Capital, a litigation funding business associated with a law firm in Washington DC, in 2014. The logo employs abstract shapes not having reference to any real object, but intending to convey motion, as in the motion of capital.

Adams Holcomb

Adams Holcomb was a boutique litigation law firm in Washington DC who hired DLS Design at their inception in 2008, and continued to work with us until they closed in 2020. Designers love a pattern, and we quickly saw one in the initials A and H, both of which are made of straight lines and … Read more

Sheldon Lobel

DLS Design created this logo for Sheldon Lobel PC, a law firm handling zoning, land use and real estate in New York, in 2004. Originally just a stylized “L”, we added multiples of the shape and found it evokes either a row of buildings with their shadows, or an aeriel view of the corner of … Read more


An early client separate from our core area of law firms, I-Stream was a tech company focusing on the then-new area involving the Java programming language. In 1998, DLS Design created a logo intended to be highly “gestural,” framing a stream-like path cutting through the company’s initial “i”.

Kreindler & Kreindler

DLS Design created this logo for Kreindler & Kreindler, a law firm handling aviation accidents and other matters. Starting with opposing “K” shapes, we altered the angular part of the letter to resemble aerial objects moving in space. In its initial use on the firm’s website, these moved apart in an animation. To some, this … Read more