Will our website be mobile?

It certainly will. This is one of the most common questions DLS Design receives from clients.

Several years ago, Google decided to reward sites that had a good, readable view on mobile devices such as phones, and penalize the sites that didn’t. They had a point. As the world’s arbiter of online content and where to find it nowadays, their reasoning seemed to be that findable content is deeply connected with it being readable content. And that this should extend to every device. Viewing a postage-stamp version of a big page on a little screen is nobody’s definition of “readable”.

DLS uses “responsive design”, so a site and its contents re-flow into the window someone is looking at. You can’t fit a 27-inch monitor’s worth of material on an iPhone, but you can cause it to shrink to just the right size, and stack in a way that makes sense at that size. In other words, the website responds to the device at hand.

And, we can use code to exclude certain content at certain sizes. If the website’s context suggests that viewers don’t need to look at your elaborate intro  video  on their phone, it can be hidden in that view.

Ask us about mobile on your next website.

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