Who will host the website when it’s finished?

DLS hosts all the websites we design, on one of several dedicated servers for this purpose.

Hosting service includes the retention of the files on the server, as well as continual monitoring of the content management system, and its associated files and applications, for instance, WordPress and all its plugins.

We use several of the leading security applications on WordPress sites, including Wordfence and iThemes Security, and receive alerts whenever there is a potential problem.

All websites are backed up nightly by the server, with a set number of previous days’ files rotated out. Separately, we back up every site through WordPress, or some other operating system we may use on occasion.

What happens if we decide to leave? Can we take our own website and host it elsewhere?

Yes. Once paid in full, the client owns the website, including the files, the design, and any part of the intellectual property making up the site. Of course, you don’t own the operating system such as WordPress, or anything in the public domain such as the .php code used to build the site.

Once we start with a client, they usually stick around, so we very rarely need to turn over a website. However, at a client’s request, we will furnish a complete copy of the website which you can give to another company, or administer yourselves on a server, if you know how. Once we no longer host a site, we discontinue monitoring its traffic and security, and generally deactivate the licenses of applications or plugins we’ve added to the site. You can then purchase your own licenses.

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