Do you monitor websites for security?

DLS monitors all of our sites with not one, but two of the leading security packages for WordPress. We view our sites at a central console, which flags any site needing an update to its “core”, or any of the applications running on it (known as Plugins in WordPress), because keeping current is one of the best ways to keep secure — just like on your office computer.

We receive continual reports of logins, attempted logins, attempted uploads of malicious files, and any attack activity, with data on the geographic location and IP address of the source of any suspicious action. In the rare event of a problem, we address it immediately, working from a comprehensive set of backups of all clients’ websites going back several years. We can readily restore a site if it was discovered to be compromised. The backups are also a form of insurance against a server failure.

We subscribe to the blogs of various internet security experts, and randomly test sites through third-party security scans on websites such as Sucuri. Our websites are also monitored by Google applications in connection to our SEO efforts.

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