Do I own my website? Do I own my logo?

Yes. Our clients own their own website, logo and any “collateral material” we produce for them, such as printed brochures.

Once you’ve paid in full, you will own your firm’s website including the files, its design, and content. It is not possible to own the site’s content management system such as WordPress, or anything in the public domain such as the .php code used to build the site.

When DLS Design creates a logo, we furnish a set of files the client can use in any medium, and there are no restrictions. You never have to ask for permission, a release of files, or make any additional payments.

There are two sorts of files given for a logo: pixel-based for screen use, such as your website, and vector-based, for print. Vector files can scale to any size without loss of quality, so you can use that format for something as small as a business card, or as large as signage.

At a client’s request, we will furnish a complete copy of their website. You can give the files to another agency to host and maintain, or administer it yourselves on a server, if you have the technical knowledge. Once we give away a copy of the website, we discontinue monitoring its traffic and security, and deactivate the licenses of applications or plugins we’ve added to the site. These things can then be handled by the new agency.

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