DLS Design welcomes clients to ask any question about our services. We're careful when we design a product for our clients, and respect any due diligence they might perform when choosing the designer for such important services. Use this form to send an inquiry.

Do I own my website? Do I own my logo?

Yes. Our clients own their own website, logo and any “collateral material” we produce for them, such as printed brochures. Once you’ve paid in full, you will own your firm’s website including the files, its design, and content. It is not possible to own the site’s content management system such as WordPress, or anything in … Read more

How long does it take to design a law firm website?

This is generally a function of the size and type of law firm, and how quickly they can respond to our work. When DLS Design creates a law firm website, we find that: A website for a solo should generally take 30 to 60 days. The span depends on whether we are bringing content over … Read more

Will we be able to edit our website?

Yes. When DLS Design completes your website, you will be able to create pages, type or paste in content, and publish them at once, or save them as a draft to publish later. When a page is no longer needed, you can simply trash it. You’ll have your own password, and be able to log … Read more

Who will host the website when it’s finished?

DLS hosts all the websites we design, on one of several dedicated servers for this purpose. Hosting service includes the retention of the files on the server, as well as continual monitoring of the content management system, and its associated files and applications, for instance, WordPress and all its plugins. We use several of the … Read more

Will our website be mobile?

It certainly will. This is one of the most common questions DLS Design receives from clients. Several years ago, Google decided to reward sites that had a good, readable view on mobile devices such as phones, and penalize the sites that didn’t. They had a point. As the world’s arbiter of online content and where … Read more

Can I have a vCard on my lawyer biography?

Certainly. We configure most law firm biographies to include vCards. When the site is ready, you can upload yours, and an icon will appear on the lawyer bio, enabling your viewers to click and download it. Don’t know what a vCard is? Simply put, a vCard is an electronic business card. It’s a tiny file, … Read more