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DLS Design 25th Anniversary.
These 1999 Sites Have Things We Probably Wouldn’t Do Today.

Looking through our archives we came across some old projects and realized we used to do things on websites you might not want to do today. Both of these websites were commenced the same week in September 1999.

When visiting law firm Herrick Feinstein, we noticed their office was full of amazing historical New York City artifacts and suggested cataloging them for the website. These came to be used throughout the site, including on this homepage where you could click them for links. But nowadays you’d never do that, because you’d want to use text links for better SEO.

When being interviewed at media buyers Horizon Media, we talked about the great ads of the 1960s, and pitched the use of Roy Lichtenstein-style drawings to evoke that era. An animated thought bubble on the homepage carried the words “…we know there is something better out there… over the Horizon…” We also created caricatures of management folks in this style. But as the years passed, this approach came to be seen as frivolous in a business where multi million-dollar ad budgets were the norm.

Eventually these websites were replaced by newer, perhaps more-conventional ones. But we look back in fondness on these adventurous projects.