Case study: Law Firm Web Refresh Builds on Basics from Prior Website and Brand; “Goldilocks” Solution

August 27, 2016 New Projects By DLS Design

DLS Design was hired to build a new website while keeping the brand of boutique law firm Schaeffer Venaglia Handler & Fitzsimmons. This included a better-organized backend letting them update the site more easily; responsiveness for mobile devices; and better SEO. We were free to try new things, but the firm wanted to keep their logo and overall look. Firms often ask for this type of continuity, and if you are looking to modernize your website while keeping your branding recognizable, email us.

Slide 1: Original design utilized a blue gradient (near top, somewhat passé), large logo, and a stock photo that was grayish, and lacking in drama. Only part of the text showed above the fold: you couldn’t read the whole page without scrolling.

Slide 2: Our designs kept the same color scheme, logo size. But we changed the top to a solid blue bar, used a chiseled font for the tag line, and found a photo of similar subject matter, but more dramatic and color-saturated. Still, the text was partly below the fold.

Slide 3: Capitalizing on the impact of the photo, we showed it as a full-screen background, moving the text above the fold, but covering the photo. But the white logo was a step too far from the established brand, and the photo, too large.

Slide 4. The chosen design represents a “Goldilocks” solution: not too big, not too small, just right. The client was happy having an image without body text on their homepage, but stopping short of the photo re-flowing to fill the screen, and keeping it a static size instead.